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Wholecloth Indian print, fullIndan print quilt, acorn print backIndian print close, twill tapeIndian print closeIndian print, surface abrasion

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Wholecloth Indian print


61707Cc  Wholecloth Indian Print        Madder red, blue, tan        2350.00
      88” x 90”   ca 1800 (?),  found in eastern Pennsylvania; maker and source unknown.  This wholecloth quilt is composed of four print strips, 23.5” wide, on which are printed 10” squares on point with a large buteh or tree of life flanked by flowers emerging from the bottom corner of each large square.  These squares are edged in a narrow madder design and a 2” wide band resembling floral ribbon.  Confusing the description is the fact that the squares are not fully separated, but overlap in sets of two without continuing the border designs.  The indigo touches appear to be “pencilled blue” applied by hand.  The quilt has a back consisting of alternating 5” strips of natural beige cotton and 9” strips of an acorn print in medium and light brown (possibly block printed).  The binding is twill tape with a green stripe.    Entirely by hand, heavily hand quilted in irregular straight lines and in echo squares over the large square design elements.  There is surface abrasion to areas on the top, weakening the fabric’s integrity, one 2” long hole, and other thinning and toning commensurate with age and use.  Small holes go completely through the quilt.  The printed top is visually reminiscent of 18th century designs from India.


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