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Whig Rose Top. fullWhig Rose, applique stitchWhig Rose, patchWhig Rose, stains

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Whig Rose / Democrat Rose var. top


   91114 Sm  Whig Rose /Democrat Rose var. TOP    Red, double pink, green, yellow      595.00
       78” x 100; mid-19th century, place and maker unknown.  Twelve 13.5” pattern blocks on point, each having a large 5 layered rose in yellow, plain red, yellow calico, double pink, and red again, framed by nine 2-step green pointy leaves, and a set with two leaves.  All of the flowers are set with their orientation toward the top of the composition.  The design field is framed by a 10” border having a deeply curved and narrow green vine, with simplified flowers growing from the bottom of the curves.   The flowers on the inside curves have red leaves, those on the outside have green leaves.  Entirely by hand; seams joining strips that form the border have been pressed open and overcast with hand zigzag for extra strength.  One patch and three areas of mouse “protein stain” deposited when the quilt was folded (these will lessen or dissolve if gently soaked).


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