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91104Sm Vases of FlowersBorder swag, quilting

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Vases of Flowers


91104 Sm  Vases of Flowers        Golds, lavenders, light blue, nile green          2650.00
   98” x 102”  1930s, made by Hortense  Olsen of Berrien Springs, Michigan.  This is a kit from an unidentified source, with two alternating appliqué patterns done in blocks.  The major design is 15” block with a small vase in light gold, with darker gold bands, filled with layered appliqué flowers: a 3.5” flower in 2 shades of lavender has 18 segments, and a smaller flower in 2 shades of gold has 22 segments; smaller flowers are composed of layers of color as are the leaves.  A smaller version of the floral motifs, with two gold tulips, forms the secondary block.  The 16 pattern blocks are set edge to edge, and framed by a deeply curved swag border in nile green, with a variant of the floral motif at each intersection and across the base of the looped curve at each corner.  the outer edges of the quilt are bound in white appliquéd binding along  small scallops, over a white back.  Beautifully hand appliquéd, and blocks joined by machine.  Hand quilted in outline around all of the appliquéd segments, with large feathered circles having lattice centers covering the intersections of the blocks and filling the deep curves of the swags.  The body of the surface is filled with 1” diagonal lines of quilting, and 1” undulating lines follow the scallops of the edges in the outer borders.  Appears to have a flannel blanket or other sheet filler; excellent condition.  Sleeved.


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