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Unnamed Pattern


61517Cc   Unnamed Pattern (see below)        Red, green, gold    675.00
      79” x 80”  1920-40, place and maker unknown.  Pattern most closely resembles unnamed designs 19.31 and 22.43 in Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Applique, both from mid-19th century applique quilts.  Four 32” applique blocks, each having a red and gold layered floral center from which branch 8 elements:  four elongated hearts in green, topped with a red diamond, and four solid green fan bases with 5 gold “feathers”.  The design is framed by four solid red arcs with scalloped edges, similar to princess feather fronds, that creat a circular design around the center motif.   The design field is framed in 7.5” white bands, and bound in solid red over a white back.   Entirely hand appliqued, hand joined, hand bound, and hand quilted.  There is a feather wreath in the center, on the white background, and full and partial feathered wreaths, along with bits of braid, over the remaining white design surface.  The figures are outlined and accented in double lines, and the outer border appears to be quilted in feather figures that are repeats, not connected.   This quilt appears to be a 20th century version of a 19th four block quilt.  Excellent condition.


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