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Unidentified pattern, fullUnidentified pattern, block, binding, baxk

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Unidentified Pattern


31701Cc  Unidentified Pattern        Red, white, blue        675.00
     71” x 77”  1880-1910, found in central Indiana; maker unknown.  Related to Brackman 4181 in structure.  Fifty-nine interesting blocks that probably cannot be machine pieced; eight identical shapes like simple houses in starred indigo print are set to frame a square of double pink on point, and the resulting figure is framed by squares and rectangles of a light blue shirting print which also sashes the darker figures.  A square block cannot be identified.  Framing the design field are isolated indigo stair-step figures, and there is an outer border of indigo star     print squares on point, framed in the light blue shirting print.  The applied binding is a red and beige diagonal plaid, and the back is medium blue gingham.  Hand pieced and joined; hand quilted in 1” diagonals across the entire surface.  Good condition.


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