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Unidentified Floral Medallion, fullUnidentified Floral Medallion, center

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unidentified Floral Medallion Kit quilt


91713Dp Unidentified Floral Medallion KIT quilt    Pinks, green            575.00
     72” x 82”  early 1930s, made by Carrie May Boyer (1873 – 1946), Gratz, Dauphin Co., PA, for her granddaughter.  The design of this kit is a center medallion formed of “roses” and tulips in two shades of plain pink, the medallion centered with a large blossom from which extend 8 stems of mixes tulips and roses with green leaves, alternated with some minor stems of tulips alone, all set on white.  That design is framed by a green scalloped oval with tulips at each intersection of the scallops.   The top has an continuous inner border of deeper green scallops with alternating rose figures and tulips, and the gently scalloped edge is bound in the lighter shade of pink, over a white back.  Hand appliqued, nicely hand quilted on the design elements provided with the kit:  outline, quilted leaf shapes, and radiating lines within the center medallion, repeated quilted flower motifs and segmented “pineapple shapes between the deep scallops; the outer border areas are quilted in 2” vertical lines.  Gently used; excellent condition.  Labeled with family information.


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