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Square in a Square / Economy


W91707Cc  Square in a Square / Economy     Red, browns, green        475.00
74” x 78”   1880-1900, Burlington, Carroll Co., IN; maker unknown(see #2378, Brackman, Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns).   Forty-two pieced blocks, each with a solid red center framed by light ground shirting triangles, then dark print triangles, then a second shirting and finally darker triangles, usually brown print, to form 7” blocks.  The blocks are set in rows, 6 x 7 blocks, and alternated with 7” squares of green calico print.  A 2” border of the same green frames the design field, and the self-binding, back over front, is natural muslin.  Entirely hand pieced, hand joined, and hand quilted in 1” lines from corner to corner in the pieced blocks and in 1” square lattice in the setting squares.  Excellent condition; the quilt appears to be unwashed.


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