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Solomon's Puzzle, fullSolomon's Puzzle, close2 spots on front

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Solomon's Puzzle / Drunkard's Path


91710Cc Solomon’s Puzzle / Drunkard’s Path    Indigo, white                    525.00    
     62” x 81”  ca. 1900; found in northeastern Indiana; maker unknown.  Twenty 10” blocks in a single indigo calico with tiny white arrows pointing in different directions are set on point and alternated with plain white 10” squares.  This forms straight rows of design, usually referred to as Solomon’s Puzzle.  The design field is framed by a 2 ½” band of white, causing the design to “float” on the quilt surface, and the white applied binding has a tiny indigo cording inserted between the design field and the binding, creating a narrow indigo frame.  The back is also white.  Entirely hand pieced and joined, including the seams on the back; heavily hand quilted in lines ½” apart running from diagonal corner to corner through the design blocks, and in ½” square lattice in the plain squares.  The borders are quilted in ½” diagonal lines.  Excellent condition; two small brown spots are noted on the front.


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