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Rose of Sharon Cluster, fullRose of Sharon Cluster blockRose of Sharon Cluster, quilting

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Rose of Sharon Cluster


91716Cc  Rose of Sharon Cluster        Soft pinks, green        775.00
      81” x 93”  1930s, found in southern Illinois; maker unknown.   This version of “Ohio Rose” or “Rose of Sharon” is pattern #6081 from the Ladies Art Co. catalog, St. Louis, as illustrated in Brackman’s Applique #11.32.   Twenty-one 12”pattern blocks with quadrilateral figures:  four hearts in 2 shades of plain pink, topped with green “leaves” and a single pink bud, are set around a pink center circle.   The blocks are set alternately with 12” squares of white,  creating diagonal lines of flowers, and the design field is framed by a 5” band of white on which are spaced single hearts, with a heart, leaf and bud figure in each corner.  The applied commercial narrow bias binding is light pink, over a white back.  Hand appliqued, machine joined, hand quilted in outline on top of each applique segment, with 1” square lattice filling the white ground of each pattern block.  The setting blocks have tight, double feathered wreaths with a second figure in the center and the ground around the wreath quilted in 1” diamond lattice.  The borders are quilted in 2” square lattice set straight and quilted through the applique pieces.    Appears to be unused; maybe washed once.  Will fit a queen bed.


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