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Ring Around the Rosie


91715Cc  Ring Around the Rosie    Brown multi-prints            675.00    
   68” x 80”  1870-1880. Castile, Wyoming Co., NY.   Gardner (1811-1900) and Florinda (Simons) Bradley (1815-1888) of CT homesteaded in  Wyoming Co., NY in 1853.  This quilt was found in 2017 in a trunk in the homestead attic in Castile, and is presumed to have been made by Florinda.    Fourty two different brown and madder prints, and one green and one gold, are used to form star figures with open ocatgon centers, one print per star.  Stars with striped fabric habe been “fussy cut” to create designs with the stripes.  The stars are set on white ground shirtings in 8” blocks, which are set on point alternately with a single white ground dress fabric with a bold black windowpane print.  the esign field is framed by a 4” band of the same dress print, causing the stars to “float.”  The same dress print forms the applied binding, over a white back.  Entirely hand pieced and joined, hand quilted in diamonds and diagonals in the pattern blocks and 1” square lattice on the diagonal in the setting squares and border.  Four brown striped diamonds in one star have disinegrated along the stripe lines, and there is brown staining on the back fold lines from long storage in a trunk.  The center fold stain appears lightly on the front as well, but the quilt is sturdy otherwise.


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