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Plaza Sheeting (muslin) full boltPlaza Sheeting bolt, factory

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Plaza Sheeting (muslin) full bolt

Plaza Sheeting (muslin)

59.5 Yards of "Plaza Fine Sheeting LL", 36" wide.  Manufactured by the now-defunct Wallace Manufacturing Co., Jonesville, SC.  Original and uncut bolt, string "staples" intact at both ends, as it came from the mill.

The Wallace Mfg. Co. was a cotton mill in Jonesville, SC, southeast of Spartanville in the "upstate."  There isn't much information about it on the internet, but in 1934 there was a strike and an attempt to unionize the  mill, resulting in a 1938 hearing before the National Labor Relations Board.  In 1946 the mill was subsumed under the J.P.Stevens & Co. label, as a part of a major expansion by that company.  The mill no longer exists, and the population of Jonesville has declined from a high of over 29,000 to around 900.


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