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91111Sm Medallion Mosaic / Flower GardenMedallion Mosiac, detail 1Meallion Mosiac detail 2Medllion Mosaic centerMedallion Mosiac bindingFinley, Plate 15 following p.48

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Medallion Mosaic / Flower Garden


91111 Sm   Medallion Mosaic / Flower Garden    Brown, blue, bright multi    2375.00
    81” x 93”  1930s, place and maker unknown.  In Ruth Finley, Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them (1929), plate 15 following page 48 is a remarkably similar composition, then in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, that may have been the inspiration for this piece.  A beautiful variation of Grandmother’s Flower Garden, having a central medallion composed of a yellow star framed in blue hexagons and surrounded by brown hexagon sets with individual hexagons sub-divided by pieced yellow bands, giving the effect of twinkling stars.  The surrounding field is white with single “flowers,” many having fabric manipulations such as banding or division into dark and light halves.  The outer border is a band of brown and gold print hexagons forming flowers that blend into the hexagon-pieced outer border.  The edges are faced and knife-edged with the white back, along the edges of all of the outside hexagons.  Entirely hand pieced and joined, and hand quilted around every hexagon!  Excellent condition; sleeved.


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