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Indiana RoseIndiana Rose, blockIndiana Rose, quiltingIndiana Rose, back - spots

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Indiana Rose


31517Cc  Indiana Rose Applique        Pink, green            425.00
     80” x 80”  1920-40, found in Indiana; maker unknown.  This is a Carlie Sexton pattern, possibly ordered from the Indiana Farmers Guide; see also Brackman, Encyclopedia of Applique, #8.73.   Sixteen 12.5" pattern blocks featuring a quadrilateral figure of 4 “roses” in plain pink, with plain green bases joined in the center with a small rose figure with a yellow center (a departure from the pattern, which has a square here with a circular center).  The blocks are set on point and alternated with plain white squares, and the design field is bordered by pink “ice cream cones” and white triangles along a scalloped edge.  The narrow applied binding is green, over a white back.  This is a traditional 19th century pattern, updated with 20th century colors.  Hand appliqued and hand joined; densely hand quilted in outline around the pattern pieces, with 1” square lattice filling the white ground.  The white setting squares have have feathered wreaths filled and surrounded by the 1" lattice, and the cones and triangles in the borders are quilted in 1” echo lines.  Excellent condition.


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