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Honeybee, fullHoneybee quiltingHoneybee blockHoneybee binding damage

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61111Cc  Honeybee             Red, green, gold, multi                      475.00
        76” x 82”  1840-60, found in Indiana; place and maker unknown.  See Brackman, Encyclopedia of Applique #5.32 for pattern illustration from a quilt ca. 1840.  Sixteen 14” blocks (approx), each with a green 6" center and 3 colored ovals appliquéd at each corner.  Two of the blocks have solid, 2-step green centers, one has an undetermined print that has faded to mottled beige, and 13 have a 2-step green showing small yellow stars with blue overdye.  The red ovals are for the most part the center of the sets of 3 segments, but one block has no red segments, one has only two, and one has six!  The remaining ovals are either yellow print or solid, or brown and red 1840s dress prints.  The blocks are set on point and alternated with squares of white, and on two sides there is a double border of 1.5” red and 1.5” white.  The binding is a second green calico, over a white back.  Entirely hand pieced, appliquéd, joined, and densely hand quilted; the green squares are triple rodded on the diagonal, the appliqué segments are outlined, and the block backgrounds are filled with clamshell, as are the half-squares filling the edges of the design area.   The plain squares have densely quilted feathered circles, with inside and outside feathers and the circle centers filled with 1/2” square lattice.  The borders on the two sides are quilted in 1/2 “ fans or elbow quilting.   Deterioration to the dress prints, fading of some of the fabrics, and the binding is worn, but this was a masterwork with certain idiosyncratic touches in the placement of the ovals.   No signature or date found.


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