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91107Sm Flower Baskets full91107Sm center secondary motif91107Sm quilting, basting on binding

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Flower Baskets


91107 Sm    Flower Baskets Appliqué    Bright pastels                975.00
   70" x 86"  1930s, Maker and place unknown.  Pattern not identified in Brackman.  Two black and floral print baskets, cut in a single piece and appliquéd with red blanket stitching, form the basis for twin designs that meet between the baskets  to form a U-shaped design area on natural muslin.  From each basket "grow" dense arrangements of full and budding morning glories, poppies, bellflowers, and other flowers in shades of lavender, pink, yellow, blue, red, light orange, some in print and some plain, and all appliquéd in matching buttonhole stitch.  Green leaves and embroidered stems, vines, and tendrils complete the design, which reaches into the pillow area on both sides of the quilt.  In the center of the bottom and top,  appliquéd over the center seam, is a secondary motif made of a circle of flowers and leaves.  The applied binding is the black print used in the baskets, on a scalloped edge and over a natural muslin back.  Machine joined seams, hand appliqué and embroidery, hand quilting in 1" square lattice on the diagonal as a filler, with feather fronds and florals in the open spaces, a triple line inner border quilted in, and then cable and 1" parallels quilted into the outer border area.  Appears to have been washed, but basting threads are still in place on the binding.    Some of the floral prints are from Ely & Walker Co. of St. Louis.


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