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Floral Wreath top, fullFloral Wreath top, applique stitchingFloral Wreath top, damage at edgeFloral Wreath top, hole #1Floral Wreath top, hole #2

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Floral Wreath top


91603Cc  Floral Wreath TOP            Red, dark green        475.00
     100” x 100”  ca. 1850, Pennsylvania; maker unknown.  See Brackman, Encyclopedia of Appliqué, #2.68, 2.69, 2.73 for related figures with modern names.  Nine 22” blocks on medium beige, each with a large wreath in dark green solid, with 4 red and yellow single-cut scalloped flowers.  Between the flowers are sets of 3 lilies in green with red buds, two lilies on the outer curve of the wreath and one between them on the inner curve.  The blocks are sashed and separated by triple     strip sashing of green-red-green.  In one direction the strips are continuous across  the design field, and in the other they border just the ends of the blocks.  An 8.5” border on all sides features a continuous undulating vine with full flowers alternating with single lilies and leaves.  The edges of the top have been narrowly bound in the dark green to make a summer spread.  Entirely hand appliqued, joined, and bound, and most of the seams are backstitched for increased stability.  Two areas of mouse damage on red strips, minor insect damage around the edges, and toning and some stains.


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