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Feathered Star


61409Cc  Feathered Star            Buff, reds, blue        1850.00
      98” x 100”  1830-40, collected in southern Illinois; place and maker unknown.  Thirteen full 18” Feathered Stars and 8 half Stars are formed in a sash and block arrangement centered on a print and white 8” economy block, framed by Feathered Star triangles with 4.5” white squares set between pairs of feathered points.  The center squares in each star are buff dress prints with isolated floral designs in red and blue, and the major triangles in the star points are a single buff plaid with tiny flowers.  The triangles forming the feathers are mixed buff, red and blue prints, and theplaces where the star points join the center square have 1” turkey red Indiennes prints in squares and triangles.  The stars are set in long diagonal rows, with 13” white squares filling the diagonal spaces between; the overall effect is of diagonal rows of stars in both diagonal directions.  The design field is framed by a 7.5” outer border that is narrowly rolled to the back to form binding, over a white back.  Entirely hand pieced and joined, including the 3 long back seams.  Beautifully hand quilted in double lines ¼” apart through the stars.  The small white squares in the sashing have a repeated quadrilateral design, and the large white squares forming the diagonals alternate two elaborate designs of either feathered wreath or vining star flower.  The setting triangles filling the edges of the design area are quilted in grape leaves, vines, and grapes, possibly using a thimble as a template.  An undulating feather vine fills the outer border, looping in the corners, with smaller feather designs filling the inside curves.  Excellent condition for its age; a few of the tiny red pieces have eroded and there is one small tear and a stain in the same area.  No names, dates, or initials found.


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