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Embroidered Block designEmbroidered block and quiltingSashing and quilting

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Embroidered Block design


91703Sb  Embroidered Block design        2 shades of Orchid, white      475.00
     81” x 81”  early 1920s, rural Benton Co., near Fowler, Indiana; made by Melissa Eastburn Booth (1860?-1941).  Nine 17” blocks (approximate), each with a four petaled figure in single line cross stitch, in orchid.  A small embroidered floral figure appears inside each of the “petals,” and 4 additional embroidered floral figures using the same flower appear outside the figure.  The block configuration is similar to Pattern 34 from the Victoria Art Manufacturing Company, operated from 1922 to 1925 by William Pinch (Rainbow Block Co.) and partner Ralph Clark, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Four inch light orchid squares on point, filled by darker orchid, form sashing between the blocks and around the design area; 4 light squares together form 7.5” squares on point at the sashing intersections.  There is a double outer border of 3” light orchid and then 3” dark orchid, and the applied binding is dark orchid over a white back.  Entirely hand embroidered, hand pieced, hand joined and bound, and hand quilted.  The pattern blocks are filled with floral designs accenting the embroidered motifs and feathered ovals; the orchid squares have simple floral shapes with 10 petals, the larger intersection squares have tight double line feathered circles, and the outer borders have 2” square lattice on the diagonal.  Excellent condition.  A photograph of the quiltmaker accompanies the quilt.


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