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Churn Dash, Winger


61617Cc  Churn Dash            Browns, double pink, indigo            825.00
70” x 85”, 1881 (dated), top made for Mahlon Winger by Sarah Street, probably quilted by his mother Elizabeth Showalter Winger (1837- 1913). Embroidered around one corner block it says:  “Sarah A. Street pieced this for Mahlon Winger May 5, 1881, Remember Me.”  Mahlon was born Oct. 2, 1877, so he was four and a half when this gift was presented.  The significance of the date is unknown.  It is also unknown if Sarah Street was a neighbor, care giver, relative, or a distant friend of the family.
    Twenty-five 9” Churn Dash blocks in dark prints, mostly brown, are framed with a 1 ½” band of indigo print, and then the blocks are sashed with 7” strips of dark double pink and joined at the intersections by a white and black variegated stripe shirting,  The design field runs to the edge and is narrowly bound in a dark brown print over a natural muslin back.  Entirely hand pieced and joined, hand quilted in 1” square lattice on the straight of the grain over the entire surface.  Minor wear to the binding in places.


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