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Churn Dash, conversation printsChurn Dash, spot

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Churn Dash


31601Cc  Churn Dash        Shirtings, dark multi-prints            525.00
      82” x 82”  1890s, found in northern Indiana; quiltmaker unknown.  Sixty-four 7” Churn Dash blocks, set on shirtings with black prints on white. Each pattern figure has one or two late 19th century prints, and the blocks are set on point and alternated with 7” squares of the same or a similar shirting print.  Some of the background prints in some of the blocks are conversation prints featuring finely detailed dogs and horses.  The design field is framed by a 3” shirting print border, and the narrow applied binding is a light pink stripe, over a natural muslin back.  Hand pieced, finely joined, possibly by machine, and beautifully hand quilted in lines ¾” apart:  in square lattice through the setting blocks and in ¾” parallels in the pattern blocks; the border is quilted in ¾” diagonal lines.  Appears to be unwashed; excellent condition, with one dime-sized brown spot noted on the front.


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