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Chinoise Silk Embroidered Spread


69650Kdb    Chinoise Silk Embroidered Spread    Pastels, natural    2750.00
106” x 108”  c.1900; hand made in China.  Owned by Mary (Beckman) Davis (b. 1872) of Riga, Latvia, and Inverkeithing, Scotland, whose husband Henry (1862-1938) was appointed general manager of the new British-owned Kellner-Partington  Paper Pulp Ltd. operation in Hallein, Austria in 1892.  The silk spread was presented to Mary by “visiting Oriental gentlemen” who came as dignitaries from their government to investigate the operations of the Austrian facility.  

    Natural silk in two strips is lavishly but delicately embroidered by hand, with silk embroidery threads, in a variety of fanciful trees and flowers in an asymmetrical arrangement “growing” from the bottom edge of the design field.  Featured are roses, pastel wildflowers, possible cherry blossoms, wonderfully spikey chrysanthemums, a butterfly, and two birds engaged in amorous confrontation (pillow area).  The design area is bordered by a double layer of silk 6” wide, finished in hemstitching.  The embroidery is so finely done that only by finding the center seam (also by hand) can one determine the front from the back.  Will fit today’s KING SIZE bed.  This is a rare piece in perfect, as-found condition.


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