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Caesar's Crown, fullbacking, light stain

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Caesar's Crown


91607Cc  Caesar’s Crown var.    Double pinks, green, blue, yellow           775.00
     83” x 84”  c. 1900, Pennsylvania, maker unknown.  See Brackman #3643 for a related block.  The pattern blocks are 12.5” square, and have a circular figure in the center in dark double pink, dark green calico, and yellow calico pieced into a lighter double pink ground (with lots of Y seams!).  The blocks are set on point to form diagonal rows across the design area, and are sashed with 2.5” strips of a complex gingham in medium blue.  The setting triangles around the edge of the design field are oversized, causing the blocks to “float” on a field of blue.  The design area is framed by a 2.5” border of double pink and dark green calico squares on point, framed by yellow calico, and the 7.5” outer border is a third double pink.   The binding is a second dark green calico in a narrow turn over a shaker gray print back.  Hand pieced, machine joined, hand quilted in outline and accent on the design pieces, double-outlined cable in the blue sashing, and diagonal lines about 1/2” apart in the blue setting triangles.  The borders are quilted in 1.2” diagonals, with a small feathered wreath in each corner.  One brown stain; see detail image.  Unused, unwashed, excellent condition.


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