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Basket / Cake Stand full

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Basket/Cake Stand


91709Cc  Cake Stand            Indigos, shirtings, white        450.00
     65” x 75”  1900-1910. Carroll Co., IN; maker unknown.  The pattern is Brackman #711 (Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns).  Fifty-six 6.5” pattern blocks made of indigo triangles set with very light shirtings are set on point in long rows, separated by rows of 6.5” with blocks.  The pattern blocks are set with the bases to the long edges, 3 rows along one edge, 4 along the other, so the figures meet and oppose along the long axis of the quilt.  Charmingly, two blocks are turned in the wrong direction.  The design area is framed by a 2” band of indigo print which also forms the binding, front over back.  The pattern blocks are hand pieced and joined, and the quilt is hand quilted in outline around the triangles in the pattern blocks, and in 1” square lattice on the diagonal over the rest of the surface.  Soft and used, minor wear to the binding edges, but in good condition.


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