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Applique Sampler


61715Cc   Applique SAMPLER        Red, green, gold        1650.00
     86” x 91”  1880-1900, found in Pennsylvania; maker unknown.  Twenty-five applique blocks, each with a different figure and set so floral stems point in different directions.  Some of the blocks appear to have been modified with strips of background to change them from 10” to a consistent 12” size.   The blocks are set on point and alternated with 12” squares of the background fabric, and the design field is framed by a 3” band of the same white ground.  The applied binding is solid red, over a white back.  Among the blocks are several with ruched flowers, and two with reverse applique among the techniques.  One has tiny buttonhole stitch around the leaves, but not the flowers.  Nicely hand appliqued and hand joined, with the border attached by machine.  Hand quilted in an overall pattern of 1” parallel lines in the pattern blocks and 1” echo lines creating an X through the setting squares.  The borders are quilted in 1” diagonals.  Excellent condition; appears unwashed.


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