Welcome!  Although this on-line shop is a new adventure, I've been involved with quilts in lots of other ways, operating Quilt America!, a national show and competition in Indianapolis from 1990 through 2001; promoting the quilt world's longest-running breast health initiative through Quilt America's "Yes Mam!"® Mammogram Quilt Project; serving as a board member and president of the American Quilt Study Group; helping to found the Midwest Fabric Study Group; serving the International Quilt Study Center & Museum as an International Board member, acquisitions coordinator, and Associate Fellow.  I am honored to be the 2018 nominee to the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, IN.   And since 1980 thousands of antique quilts, tops, and quilt-related items have found new homes through my quilt brokerage, Legacy Quilts.  I hope you enjoy our offerings, and that you will refer your friends here.
Xenia Cord

Note:  you may see references to Barbara Brackman's pattern encyclopedias* in some of the quilt descriptions.  These sources provide  consistent numerical identification for patterns, rather than regional pattern names.
*Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns(1993); Encyclopedia of Appliqué(1993).

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